Characteristics of the Tosa Ken

Often reffered to as either Tosa Inu, Tosa Ken, Tosa Token, or Japanese Mastiff.  The Tosa Ken is a stately, massive, extraordinary animal and can range in size from 80 to 200+ lbs. The breed is known for its' athleticism and agility.  Standard features of the breed include a large head and broad shoulders. The Tosa Ken is a very muscular breed and easily maintain their excellent fitness. The Tosa Ken commonly live 10-15 years. The Tosa Ken is a rare breed in the United States and even in its' native Japan.   

The Tosa Ken is a superb natural guardian of its' human family and territory. The sheer size and deep bark are sure deterrents in themselves. The Tosa Ken is very affectionate with its' family members and anyone else that is properly introduced. They have an extremely balanced and stable temperament. The Tosa Ken is exceptional with children. It will not snap or bite from fear or pain. It places its family above all else. It is an extremely intelligent animal and doesn't require heavy discipline. The Tosa Ken requires a firm yet gentle hand. It wil not display its' territorial instincts away from the home. The Tosa Ken is attuned to the tone of your voice and will act accordingly. Overall, the Tosa Ken is a very loyal and obedient guardian.                                                                                                                                                         If you are interested in acquiring a Tosa Ken we advise that you secure only top quality working stock. At SouthEast Tosa we are offering a top quality litter with Dam and Sire out of Stonewall Tosa. The Dam is a Traditional Red out of Japanese Import Dam and Yokozuna titled Sire. The Sire is a Traditional Red Import out of Yokozuna titled Sire. With the guidance of Michelle French we are very proud of this pairing. 

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